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10 Atlanta Family Reunion Ideas

By August 14, 2023October 5th, 2023No Comments
10 Atlanta Family Reunion Ideas

Discover 10 Atlanta family reunion ideas to make the most of your gathering! Whether you’re reuniting with relatives you haven’t seen in years or strengthening the bonds among generations, we’ve got you covered. Welcome to our ultimate guide for planning an unforgettable family reunion in the vibrant city of Atlanta!

From event locations and caterers to group activities, highlighting family heritage, and delicious food options – there’s something for every family to enjoy in this post! We’ve curated a list of 10 fantastic family reunion ideas that will make your gathering a truly memorable experience for all. Get ready to explore, connect, and create lasting memories in the ATL!


Read on for more details on these ideas, and other activities!

  • Feed your crowd with food trucks
  • Celebrate your unique family heritage
  • Keep the kids entertained with bounce houses
  • See an Atlanta game alongside family
  • Order t-shirts to commemorate the celebration


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10 Atlanta Family Reunion Ideas

Atlanta BBQ for Family Reunion

1. Feed the Crowd with Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q Catering

Barbecue is a classic Atlanta family reunion food! Tap into one of Atlanta’s best spots for good bbq to feed the family, Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q.

With main dish options from brisket to pulled pork, smoked chicken, and spare ribs, every family member is sure to get their fill! Plus, add on savory sides like Brunswick stew, potato salad, cole slaw, fried okra, collard greens, and more.

With options of local pick-up from multiple locations to delivery to your event, Fox Brothers has everything you need for lunch or dinner for your Atlanta family reunion.

Fun fact: Yelp! named this local Atlanta BBQ spot as having the best burger in the entire U.S.A.!

2. Fuel the Fun with Food Trucks

Looking for multiple options to keep your family full and happy during the festivities? Look to Atlanta’s bustling industry of food trucks to come to the location of your choice!

Atlanta has countless food trucks serving savory to sweet bites throughout the city. Tap into the flavors your family is sure to enjoy. Plus, make fueling your family fun a breeze with the convenience of the food coming to you.

Check out some of Atlanta’s top food trucks:

Party Rentals

3. Elevate the Event with Party Rentals

If your Atlanta family reunion is going to be a large gathering, you’re probably in need of a few party rentals! Some items you might need include pop-up tents, seating, tables, lighting, audio equipment, heating or cooling, and more.

Atlanta has several reputable party rental companies to service all your event needs. Here’s a short list of party rental companies to consider:

In addition, many companies offer unique rentals to add more fun – such as movie screens, dance floors, frozen drink machines, dunk tanks, and more!

4. Tap into Tailgating for Your Favorite Atlanta Team

It’s always a good time to be an Atlanta sports fan. For families full of sports fans, turn your family reunion into a tailgate party!

For diehard Falcons fans, enjoy a tailgate party near the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Downtown Atlanta. Here, you can cheer on your favorite players together with the rest of the city. Check out this Detailed Atlanta Falcons Tailgate Guide to find the best spots to pull up as a family.

More of a baseball family? No worries, Atlanta’s got that too. Take the family to a Braves game tailgate at Truist Park in northwest Atlanta. Find the best tailgate spots with this Ultimate Guide to Truist Park Parking.

For many Atlantans, supporting the home team is a must. Cheer for the ATL as a family with this Atlanta family reunion idea!

Family Reunion Ideas Talent Show

5. Task the Family with a Talent Show

Consider incorporating a family talent show into your next reunion! This lively activity showcases the diverse talents and passions within the family – all while fostering an atmosphere of joy and togetherness.

From singing, dancing, and musical performances to stand-up comedy, magic tricks, and storytelling, encourage each family member’s unique skills to take center stage. The talent show not only provides a platform for self-expression but also encourages mutual support and admiration among relatives.

Furthermore, it’s a chance for generations to share their talents with one another and learn from each other. The laughter, applause, and encouragement enjoyed during the talent show is sure to create cherished memories that resonate long after the reunion ends. Plus, it may even become the highlight of family gatherings for years to come!

6. Commemorate the Day with T-shirts

Commemorating a family reunion with custom-designed t-shirts is another fantastic way to create lasting memories together. Start by crafting a meaningful design that incorporates elements like the family name, reunion date, and perhaps a special logo or symbol that represents the family’s shared identity or values.

Then, choose a color scheme that resonates with the family’s personality. To make the t-shirts even more special, consider adding individual names or nicknames to the back.

On the day of the event, distribute the t-shirts to all family members based on their preferred size. Throughout the day, the shirts will serve as tangible reminders of the cherished time spent together. Plus, the shirts will also serve as a keepsake and reminder of warm memories long after the day is over!

Bounce House Rental

7. Bring on the Smiles with Bouncy Houses

Family reunions bring together family members of every generation. While the adults catch up on the latest life updates, the younger ones might find themselves bored, or with extra energy to burn off.

Be the family reunion hero for the kids by renting bounce houses, slides, or obstacle courses! With several companies across the city, reserve your bounce house (or several!) anytime.

Check out a few of Atlanta’s most popular bounce house companies to get started:

8. Celebrate your Heritage

Family reunions offer a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and reconnect with your family heritage. These gatherings provide a platform to honor the traditions, customs, and values that have been passed down through generations.

Together, deepen your understanding of your roots and cultural identity as a family. Get started with activities like genealogy workshops, where family trees are explored and documented. As a result, you can unveil hidden historical gems, old memories, and stories of ancestors.

More activities to celebrate your family heritage can include exploring shared stories, rituals, and cherished recipes. Additionally, traditional games, music, and dances specific to the family’s cultural background can create a sense of unity and nostalgia.

With this Atlanta family reunion idea, foster a sense of belonging and encourage younger generations to take pride in their family heritage.

Gift Swap

9. Get Creative with a Family Gift Swap

Another fun Atlanta family reunion idea is to engage in a family gift swap or white elephant gift exchange! This activity infuses an element of surprise as family members exchange carefully-selected presents or quirky items.

The anticipation of discovering what each gift holds, coupled with banter and good-natured teasing, creates an atmosphere of shared fun. From heartfelt presents that reflect personal connections to hilariously unconventional gifts, the exchange will embrace all personalities within the family.

This cherished tradition not only adds excitement to the reunion but also symbolizes the spirit of generosity and camaraderie that lies at the heart of family connections.

10. Break Out into Groups and Enjoy City Food Tours

If the family reunion is big enough, consider breaking family members into groups for fun, small excursions. Look to Unexpected Atlanta’s Historic Market and Food Tour + Biscuit Class for easy, guided activities for your family.

Experience the tastes of the south on this 2-hour interactive food tour and class at Atlanta’s historic Municipal Market! Enjoy some quality time together, tasty food, and the feeling of connection and fun together.

Throughout the class, sample flavors from five different restaurants. Additionally, participate in a hands-on mini class on classic Southern biscuits. Here, your group will learn the secrets of crafting these perfect flaky treats!

Find this cooking class and more amongst Unexpected Atlanta’s culinary experiences!

For more unforgettable Atlanta family fun, check out Unexpected Atlanta’s blog posts! Our posts are packed with ideas for fun things to do around Atlanta. Explore Atlanta festivals and seasonal events, unique places to eat, shop, and relax, hidden gems, and more!