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3 Reasons Millenials LOVE Roswell

By May 8, 2017July 28th, 2021No Comments

Despite Roswell’s deep-rooted influence on the history of Georgia, it wasn’t always the bustling notorious city that it has grown into. But with a population sitting at around 95,000 (U.S. census bureau), Roswell now sits in the top ten list of the biggest cities in Georgia and is rapidly becoming a top destination for those looking for a little bit of history, art, and a diverse culinary scene with a small southern town vibe.

With its name popping up everywhere, Roswell is topping charts as the best city to live in around the metro Atlanta area (Atlanta Magazine) with its ranking as the 8th safest city in the United States. While its historic trilogy of classic southern homes and Civil War connections draws in history buffs and its culinary scene the foodies, Roswell is also drawing the attention of a newer and unlikely group: millennials.

Typically flocking to the downtown Atlanta city scene, millennials are now expanding their weekend destination choices to the Roswell area, impressed by the breweries, festivals, and proximity to the city (with half the traffic). This juxtaposition of small town and city life is comforting to millennial groups who increasingly value communication and sincere quality time in beautiful, more intimate locales. As a generation of self-proclaimed foodies, having the same conveniences of a bigger city like walking from one place to the next is part of the appeal to Roswell.  Here are the top 3 reasons Millennials are falling in love with Roswell:

One: Local breweries. Need I say more?

Now boasting breweries, Roswell’s beer scene is rapidly growing with three staples already drawing in the crowds. One of the newer additions, Gate City Brewing, created its name from the nearby capital’s history. Playing on Atlanta’s former moniker as ‘Gate City of the New South,’ Gate City Brewing seeks to “embody the very same independent spirit” that Atlanta thrived on after Sherman’s destructive March to the Sea. Keeping with tradition, the brews sport locally relevant names like 1864, Copperhead, and Terminus with varieties of IPAS, American Ambers, Porters, Double IPAS, and Pale Ales to choose from. If you’re looking to make a day out of brewery-hopping, also check out nearby Abbey of the Holy Goats and 5 Seasons Brewery.

Two: The chance to get up and close with history (without a textbook)

Contrary to the stereotypes of laziness and air-headedness thrown on us millennials, most of us actually LOVE to learn. We are constantly trying to better understand our surroundings in order to make our day to day lives more meaningful and interesting. In Roswell, the intense Civil War era history, the Roswell Mill and the stories that follow, and the trilogy of historic southern homes that dot the city make it the perfect place for truly getting that ‘back in time’ feel. This is, of course, among other accolades – such as having the best ghost tour in the southeast for those trying to get eerily up close and personal with the city’s gritty past. Ghost tours are on foot, last about 2.5 hours, and can be taken year-round (Adults: $15, Children: $10). Tours of Bulloch Hall (home of President Theodore Roosevelt’s parents), Barrington Hall, and Smith Planation are available both with and without guides. For the best deal purchase the Trilogy Pass to cover admission into all three homes (Adult: $18, Children: $15). Visit RoswellGov.com for more details.

Three: For the love of art, nature, and community

Roswell is persistent in growing and nurturing its burgeoning community. With an active government and tourism board, Roswell’s event calendar is constantly booked with activities, concerts, and get togethers. The best part? Most of the activities hosted by the city are free with is a refreshing thing to hear by a generation riddled with so much debt already. On days without big deal events or festivals, Roswell’s busting art scene and close proximity to nature provide visitors tons of other options for both indoor and outdoor play. If art is your thing, visit Raiford Gallery and explore the communal meeting spot for local artwork then hop on over to next door Adele’s for the fluffiest beignets outside of New Orleans.

If you can handle the Georgia heat, Roswell has over 900 acres of parkland open for whatever activities you preference whether that be exploration, exercise, or eating (who doesn’t love a good picnic?!). After a day out on the miles upon miles of trails, both paved and unpaved, that wind through Roswell, cool off in the nearby Chattahoochee. There’s endless opportunities to get active and outdoors without the long haul up to north Georgia. For the philanthropists, the Chattahoochee nature center offers a plethora of volunteer positions such as with bald eagles, visitors center, or planting in the unity garden. Roswell’s Chattahoochee Nature Center brings a unique juxtaposition of city life and traffic, to river and nature making it the perfect place to experience the best of both worlds. If you’re interested in a night of acoustic music and good vibes (with the perks of an on-site cash bar), visit for a night of ‘Sunset Sips’ happening every the 4th Thursday of every month from April through September (with the exception of July).

Chattahoochee Garden Roswell

Parsley at the Chattahoochee Garden