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Things to Do in Atlanta

Atlanta Student Group Activities

By September 11, 2023February 27th, 2024No Comments
Atlanta Student Group Activities

In search of fantastic Atlanta activities tailor-made for student groups? Look no further than our curated guide: Atlanta Student Group Activities!

This blog features an extensive list of 13+ outstanding Atlanta activity options. Furthermore, each are designed to cater to a diverse set of interests and preferences of student organizations.

From immersive cultural experiences to outdoor adventures, this guide is your gateway to unlocking the very best that Atlanta has to offer for student groups. Start here to explore, learn, and embark on unforgettable adventures!

Ideas for Atlanta Student Group Activities:

Read on for additional details on these Atlanta student group activity ideas!

  • Immerse your Model United Nations Club in global civil rights movements
  • Take your Robotics Club to tour state-of-the-art robotics technology at Georgia Tech
  • Explore the worlds of the arts across Atlanta attractions great for student Art Clubs
  • See behind-the-scenes at the Georgia Aquarium with your Animal Sciences Club
  • Enjoy volunteering with your Environmental Club in Piedmont Park

In this post, you’ll find:

  • Atlanta activities for student groups of all interests
  • Educational adventures that explore science, history, nature, arts, and more
  • Top Atlanta attractions great for student groups 
  • Fun activities that engage student groups in their interests outside of the classroom
  • Activity ideas that will make for a unique day of learning with your student group!

Note: Be sure to check with each activity venue regarding their specific tour policies, ticket availability, group sizes, bus parking, and other details.

Atlanta Student Groups Activities – Political Groups

1. Visit the National Center for Civil and Human Rights

A Unique Field Trip for Model United Nations Clubs


The National Center for Civil and Human Rights explores the history of civil rights movements and human rights struggles globally. Through curated exhibits, workshops, and facilitated discussions, student groups can engage in important conversations around social justice issues.

This Atlanta activity is perfect for student groups interested in politics or social justice. Here, students can learn about impactful human rights leaders, challenge assumptions, and feel empowered to advocate for positive change in their own communities.

Have a group of students wanting more? Check out the Martin Luther King, Jr. Atlanta History Tour. Led by a knowledgable guide, follow in Dr. King’s footsteps to learn all about his life, legacy, and impact on Atlanta and the world.

2. Tour the Georgia State Capitol

Excellent for Student Government Associations

A trip to the Georgia Capitol Museum offers students a glimpse into the legislative process and civic engagement, making it an excellent destination for students interested in government and politics. The Georgia Capitol Museum seeks to “preserve and interpret the history of the Georgia Capitol building as well as the events that have taken place within its walls.”

Here, students can foster a sense of connection to the democratic process all while exploring the power of advocacy. In addition, groups can dig deeper into the importance of informed voting and the ways in which individuals can shape public policy.

3. Explore the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum

Learning Opportunity for Political Science Clubs

Another Atlanta activity great for students learning about government is the Jimmy Carter Museum. Here, students can explore the presidency of Georgia’s own Jimmy Carter.

Venture through exhibits full of historical artifacts and gain insights into global diplomacy and humanitarian efforts. For student groups of all sizes, docent-guided and self-guided tours are available. Plus, groups can tap into a variety of educational programs to choose from for more fun!

Atlanta Student Groups Activities – STEM Groups

4. Geek Out at the Georgia Tech Robotics Lab

Perfect for Robotics Teams


Touring the Georgia Tech Robotics Lab is an exceptional Atlanta activity for student groups, particularly for the Robotics Club. Nestled in the heart of the city, this world-renowned facility offers a captivating glimpse into the cutting-edge realm of robotics and automation.

Here, students will be greeted by a dynamic environment buzzing with innovation. This tour provides a unique opportunity for students to witness groundbreaking technologies. Plus, engage with passionate Tech students and researchers who are pushing the boundaries of robotics in the field today.

5. Venture through the Tellus Museum

Fantastic for Science & Anthropology Clubs

Located just outside Atlanta in Cartersville, The Tellus Museum boasts interactive exhibits about science, paleontology, astronomy, and geology, making this the perfect stop for student science clubs.

With programs that make learning exciting and engaging, students can transcend the confines of textbooks and classrooms with hands-on learning here. This museum’s ultimate goal is to engage students in a host of science fields to further ignite their passion for discovery!

6. See the Stars at the Fernbank Science Center

An Awesome Idea for Astronomy Clubs

The Fernbank Science Center is a fantastic destination for student groups with an interest in the stars. Operated by the DeKalb County School District in the North Druid Hills neighborhood, this spot offers hands-on exhibits, planetarium shows, and opportunities to explore astronomy and environmental science.

In addition, the center offers a variety of school programs, which are all aligned with Georgia Standards of Excellence. Each visit includes a tour of the current night sky with their “iconic Zeiss planetarium star projector and a presentation using our new state of the art 4k projector…”

7. Tour the CDC Museum

An Engaging Field Trip Idea for Health Science Clubs

Touring the CDC Museum stands out as an exceptional Atlanta activity for student groups interested in Health Sciences. Situated at the forefront of public health research, this museum provides an unparalleled opportunity for students to delve into the world of epidemiology and disease control.

Here, students can explore multiple interactive exhibits and gain a profound understanding of the CDC’s pivotal role in safeguarding global health through guided tours. The museum not only showcases the history of public health but also underscores the importance of preventive measures and scientific advancements.

Atlanta Student Group Activities – Art Groups

8. Wander the Atlanta Botanical Garden

Acres of Beauty for Photography Clubs

Atlanta Botanical Garden

For a perfect backdrop to practice photography skills, photography clubs can head to the Atlanta Botanical Garden in Midtown or Gainesville. This Atlanta activity offers a picturesque escape weaving together nature and art. Here, student groups can book a guided tour or opt for a self-guided adventure.

With a host of nature’s beauty and bright colors, city views, and unique sculptures, students with all photography interests can find a muse at this location. This activity is a perfect place for student groups of all sizes to explore and hone their craft.

9. Visit the High Museum of Art

Spark Creativity for Art Clubs

As Atlanta’s premier art museum, the High Museum in Midtown offers student groups of every age a chance to explore diverse collections of art techniques. Therefore, this Atlanta spot is the perfect location for student arts clubs looking for a fun activity.

In addition to viewing its stunning collections, students can actively engage with the art through educational workshops that inspire hands-on creativity. Group events are available for student groups ages K-12 ready for an art-tastic day!

10. Attend Atlanta Theater Productions

Perfect for Drama Clubs

Attending local theater productions in Atlanta is an enriching activity for student groups like drama clubs and theater groups. Seeing a show at one of Atlanta’s renowned venues such as the Fox Theatre, Alliance Theatre, or The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse offers an invaluable opportunity for aspiring thespians.

Witnessing professional theater productions live on stage allows drama club members to immerse themselves in the art of storytelling while observing the nuanced performances of experienced actors and directors. This activity is a masterclass in real-world theater techniques and a source of inspiration for students.

Atlanta Student Group Activities – Environmental Groups

Piedmont Park

11. Volunteer in Piedmont Park

A Fun Give-Back Idea for Environmental Clubs

Volunteering to help keep Atlanta’s Piedmont Park clean is an exceptional activity for environmental club student groups. This iconic urban green space not only offers a serene natural environment but also provides a hands-on opportunity for students to actively contribute to the city’s environmental well-being.

By participating in volunteer cleanup efforts here, students can witness the immediate impact of their actions. Plus, students can be an active part in preserving this Atlanta park’s beauty and the health of its ecosystems.

12. Explore Nature Amongst Georgia’s State Parks

Create Happy Campers in Outdoor & Scouting Groups

Atlanta’s proximity to a multitude of stunning Georgia State Parks makes it an ideal hub for student groups interested in the outdoors. Just a short drive from the city, these natural gems offer a plethora of outdoor activities and adventures.

Some must-visit parks include the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, where students can enjoy hiking, picnicking, and paddling along the beautiful riverbanks. For those seeking a tranquil escape, Sweetwater Creek State Park boasts serene trails and historic ruins, perfect for exploration. Additionally, Red Top Mountain State Park and Panola Mountain State Park offer opportunities for camping, rock climbing, and bird-watching.

13. Dive into Georgia Aquarium’s Behind-the-Seas Tour

Underwater Fun for Animal Science & Biology Clubs

The Georgia Aquarium Behind-the-Seas Tour is an exhilarating and educational activity for Animal Sciences Clubs and Biology Clubs. This unique Atlanta experience grants students an exclusive glimpse into the fascinating world of marine biology and conservation. Furthermore, you’ll see the advanced technology that sustains the enormous aquatic ecosystem within the aquarium.

Venturing behind the scenes, students get to witness firsthand the inner workings of this incredible facility. Moreover, they can engage with knowledgeable experts who are passionate about marine conservation and learn about the critical efforts being taken today to protect our oceans and its species.

To discover more Atlanta student group activities, be sure to check out Unexpected Atlanta’s full list of walking tours and our Atlanta activity guides! With guides for every interest and group size, access all of Atlanta’s must-experience activities in one easy location!