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Atlanta Team Building Ideas

Atlanta Team Building Ideas for December

By November 27, 2023No Comments
Atlanta Team Building Ideas for December

Festive happy hours, fun team excursions, dazzling holiday parties, and more – this post is brimming with seasonal cheer  and unique Atlanta team building ideas for December!

From baking holiday favorites, to exploring the best of our city, to creating a unique team holiday message to clients and supporters, there are so many ways to spend time together as a team this December. With activities for every type of Atlanta team, find the perfect events for your group to enjoy all the fun of the season.

Explore the best of Atlanta December team building ideas for in-person, hybrid, or remote teams. Let Unexpected Atlanta be your guide to all your December team building – and end your year feeling happy, connected, and ready for all that’s ahead!

Atlanta Team Building Ideas for December

Read on for additional details on these Atlanta team building ideas for December!

  • Become Southern cooks with a hands-on snowman biscuit-making and jam class
  • Plan a 1920s Big Bash holiday party
  • Host an Atlanta-themed gift swap
  • Gather for a holiday potluck or cookie-making activity
  • Honor holidays around the world with a virtual team building activity
  • Make a unique holiday company video card to send to clients and supporters

In this post, you’ll find:

  • Atlanta team building ideas for December
  • Top-rated food experiences, featuring the best of Atlanta’s tastes!
  • Fun Atlanta December group activities for small to large office teams
  • Holiday-themed activities perfect for remote and hybrid teams during December
  • Top Atlanta team building ideas for companies in December 2023
  • Indoor and outdoor team building activities to enjoy in Atlanta this December

Atlanta Team Building Ideas: December

Atlanta Biscuit Making Experience

Book the Ultimate Atlanta Holiday Food Experience – One of our Favorite Atlanta December Team Building Activities!

Get into the holiday spirit with a hands-on party featuring the best of Atlanta’s foods! The Holiday Market Food Tour + Snowman Biscuit Class treats guests to 2.5 hours of foodie fun in Downtown Atlanta. Try 11 delicious food tastings from 4 food vendors in Atlanta’s oldest market, the Sweet Auburn Curb Market (also one of the top 10 markets in the country, according to USA Today)!

Then, become Southern cooks with a hands-on snowman biscuit-making and jam class! Try holiday favorites like mulled cider and mince pie, and learn about foods Georgia is known for, like peaches, collards, and pecans.

This 2.5-hour indoor experience is the perfect way to create warm memories with your team during the chilly holiday season. With limited walking and enough tasty food for a hearty lunch, this is a holiday outing the whole team will love!

Host a 1920s Big Bash Holiday Party

Throw a memorable holiday party everyone in the office will be talking about for years to come – without the hassle and stress of planning! From Unexpected Atlanta, the 1920s Big Bash Holiday party includes thematic character guides, unlimited food and drinks, and exclusive use of the 1924-built Sweet Auburn Curb Market.

With transportation, a customizable menu, live band, trivia, live food demos, and prohibition-style character guides all included, this party will WOW your guests. Watch a minute-long video preview of this one-of-a-kind party. Then, learn more and book your experience today!

Connect with Unexpected Atlanta to book your Biscuit-Making & Food Tour Session or 1920s Big Bash!

Atlanta Team Building Activities Holiday Gift Swap Party Invitation

Host an Atlanta Gift Swap (FREE Downloadable)

A gift swap or White Elephant party is one of the easiest Atlanta team building holiday party ideas. To get started, download our invitation template (pictured above) and customize it with your party information. This idea is also perfect for a virtual party – just mail your gifts and unwrap alongside your co-workers during a video call!

Theme ideas for your Atlanta gift swap:

  • Atlanta Small Business Santa: Support local makers and small business owners. This year, encourage everyone in your group to purchase their gift swap item from a small business.
  • A Peachy Gift Exchange: Make it a peach-themed party where everyone purchases peachy items! Search Etsy for inspiration. You’ll find adorable peach earrings, light-up neon wall signs, cheeky stickers, and more.
  • Get Creative: For a *bit* more work, have everyone craft a simple homemade gift. You could create a heartfelt mailed card, knit a scarf, bake holiday cookies, or make a Spotify playlist for your recipient.
  • Foodie Swap: One fun gift swap idea is to have everyone send each other a restaurant gift card to try a new takeout or dining experience. Or, exchange favorite snacks, teas, candies, and more!
  • Favorite Things Party: Choose one of your favorite items – for example, a beloved nail polish, kitchen gadget, drink, or craft activity – within a certain dollar limit, such as $5. Then, purchase multiples of your favorite item, so that each person attending the party will receive one. In other words, if your party includes 8 guests, purchase 8 of your favorite item. Everyone will leave with some new top-rated goodies while also learning more about each other!

Gather for a Celebratory Holiday Potluck – One of our Favorite Atlanta Team Building Activities for In-Person Teams!

Homemade meals are a staple of December around the holidays. Plus, there’s no better way to spend time together than with a meal! With a potluck, your team can share the home-cooked tastes of the season together.

For the best experience, have each team member pick their favorite delicious recipe that reminds them of the holidays. Once your putlock date is set, enjoy chitchatting together as you dig into the savory or sweet dishes.

Encourage everyone to share their chosen dish and the memories they have associated with it. For homemade dishes, encourage folks to bring the recipe if they feel comfortable doing so – both for dietary reasons/allergies, as well as so others can recreate the dish if they enjoy it!

A festive potluck is a great way to bring everyone together and connect while enjoying favorite seasonal flavors, recipes, and traditions! You can even make it a family-friendly event and invite spouses, children, and other loved ones to join.

Atlanta Team Building Activities Holiday Cookies

Make Holiday Cookies Together – Perfect Atlanta Team Building Activity for Remote and Hybrid Teams!

Chances are, many of your employees will be working remotely in December. Don’t let this stop your team building potential! National Cookie Day takes place on December 4. Make the most of this December day by hosting a holiday-themed baking activity!

In this festive and interactive team-building event, your colleagues can come together virtually or in a hybrid setting to bake and decorate delicious holiday cookies. As you mix, measure, and create sweet treats, spend time with one another via video call and share how your baking is going in live time!

This engaging and lighthearted activity promotes collaboration, communication, and a shared sense of accomplishment as you work together to create tasty masterpieces. For event success, encourage creative cookie ideas and provide employees with a stipend for baking supplies.

Book an Unexpected Holiday Party (Minimal Planning Required!)

Yes, you could go the DIY route when planning your virtual holiday party. On the other hand, you could relax and allow our sister company, Unexpected Virtual Tours and Training, to handle all the details! Our team can pull together an amazing virtual holiday party for you with only a few minutes of time needed on your side.

The hour-long Unexpected Holiday Party honors holidays around the world, with a live and interactive Jeopardy-themed experience. Additionally, your group will see iconic holiday sites in New York City LIVE – including Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and the Saks Fifth Avenue windows. Finally, paint and decorate celebratory cookies and make paper holiday sweaters.

Featured in The New York Times and Thrillist as one of the most creative holiday party ideas for remote teams, this experience is perfect for a holiday corporate team building event! Unexpected Virtual Tours’ clients include companies like The Coca-Cola Company, SalesForce, Google, IHG, UPS, and more.

Atlanta Team Building Activities Holiday Video Message

Make a Video Holiday Card

Does your office send out holiday cards or a seasonal message to clients and supporters? Use this annual tradition as a way to bring the team together for an interactive team building event!

Make a video holiday card to send out to your network and post on company social media accounts. You can opt for a funny theme or a sincere appreciation for your network’s support throughout the entire year. Either way, this team building activity will get employees communicating and working together to create a unique team message.

Once you select a theme for the card, practice the script and record it together in the office or remotely. Then, have your marketing department (or include everyone!) put together the clips to create a video masterpiece.

Next, watch the card together, seeing the team holiday message that each team member contributed toward. Once the team approves, send and post the video holiday card to share with your entire network! This activity also makes for a special keepsake to remind you of former colleagues.

Create an Advent Calendar of Activities

Rather than settling for a single holiday outing, spice up the season by crafting an unexpected schedule of festive happenings for your team. Embrace the concept of an Advent-style calendar, a whimsical twist on the traditional Christmas countdown, where each day conceals a surprise event rather than a conventional treat.

Ditch the routine of stuffing the calendar with toys or chocolates. Instead, infuse it with an array of team-centric activities. Each day, your team will eagerly unveil the day’s scheduled activity. These can range from brief and delightful exercises like “indulge in a team hot cocoa break” to engaging conversations such as “share your most cherished Christmas memory with the group.”

Injecting variety, you can also sprinkle in a handful of grander Atlanta occasions, such as team outings to holiday shows and performances or captivating holiday light displays. This inventive approach ensures that every day unfolds as a new opportunity for team bonding and holiday cheer.

Discover more team building ideas and things to do in Atlanta! Browse our top-rated walking tours of Atlanta, and explore our blog for posts on unique Atlanta team building activities, corporate gift ideas, and more.