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Atlanta Team Building Ideas

Atlanta Team Building Ideas for January

By January 2, 2024January 4th, 2024No Comments
Atlanta Team Building Ideas for January

As the new year unfolds, it’s the perfect time to reenergize your team and set the tone of collaboration, creativity, and success. Dive into this post to explore unique Atlanta team building ideas for January!

From DEI holidays and celebrations, to exploring the best of Atlanta, to creating new skillsets as a team, there are so many ways to spend time together this January. In this blog, we’ll explore unique and engaging team-building ideas in Atlanta that will not only invigorate your team but also leave lasting impressions and memories.

Get ready to elevate your team dynamics and embark on a journey of growth and camaraderie with the best of Atlanta January team building ideas for in-person, hybrid, or remote teams. Let Unexpected Atlanta be your guide to all your January team building – and start the new year feeling connected, motivated, and ready for what’s ahead!

Atlanta Team Building Ideas for January

Read on for additional details on these Atlanta team building ideas for January, and more ideas:

  • Honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day at work
  • Set your intentions for the year, individually and as a team
  • Become Southern cooks with a hands-on biscuit-making and jam class
  • Plan a 1920s Big Bash Party to kick off the new year
  • Learn a new skill together
  • Continue your philanthropy initiatives into the new year

In this post, you’ll find:

  • Atlanta team building ideas for January
  • Top-rated food experiences, featuring the best of Atlanta’s tastes!
  • Fun Atlanta January group activities for small to large office teams
  • Activities perfect for remote and hybrid teams during January
  • Top Atlanta team building ideas for companies in January 2024
  • Indoor and outdoor team building activities to enjoy in Atlanta this January

Atlanta Team Building Ideas: January

Atlanta ideas for January Team Building - Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day at Work

Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day at Work

Dr. King wasn’t just the voice of the Civil Rights Movement. He was also a neighbor, friend, pastor, and family member. This MLK Day, learn more about his incredible story and enduring legacy.

Book a private Martin Luther King, Jr. Tour for your team and join us on an unforgettable experience. Guests repeatedly tell us that this experience was their favorite conference networking event because we guide you through Downtown Atlanta and showcase the historic sites you must visit – plus those that you would never even notice – in just 3 amazing hours! Named by Conde Nast as one of the 17 Best Things to Do in Atlanta.

Looking for a virtual program to honor MLK Day at work? Our sister company, Unexpected Virtual Tours and Training, created a session just for the occasion! The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Virtual Team Building experience shares the story of Dr. King like you’ve never heard before, with live guides to facilitate your team’s experience.

Host a 1920s Big Bash Party

Kick off the new year by throwing a memorable team party everyone in the office will be talking about for years to come – without the hassle and stress of planning! From Unexpected Atlanta, the 1920s Big Bash Party includes thematic character guides, unlimited food and drinks, and exclusive use of the 1924-built Sweet Auburn Curb Market.

With transportation, a customizable menu, live band, trivia, live food demos, and prohibition-style character guides all included, this party will WOW your guests. Watch a minute-long video preview of this one-of-a-kind party. Then, learn more and book your experience today!

Atlanta Biscuit Making Experience

Book the Ultimate Atlanta Food Experience – One of our Favorite Atlanta January Team Building Activities!

Get into the team building spirit with a hands-on event featuring the best of Atlanta’s foods! The Historic Market Food Tour + Biscuit Class treats guests to 2.5 hours of foodie fun in Downtown Atlanta. Try 11 delicious food tastings from 4 food vendors in Atlanta’s oldest market, the Sweet Auburn Curb Market (also one of the top 10 markets in the country, according to USA Today)!

You’ll learn fascinating Atlanta history and get a close look at Southern cooking and Georgia’s most famous foods, including peaches, collards, and pecans. Then, become Southern cooks with a hands-on biscuit-making and jam class.

This indoor experience is the perfect way to create memories with your team during the chilly winter season. With limited walking and enough tasty food for a hearty lunch, this is an office outing the whole team will love!

Connect with Unexpected Atlanta to book your MLK Tour, Biscuit-Making & Food Tour Session, or 1920s Big Bash!

Set Your Intentions for the Year

Setting intentions for the year is another powerful team-building activity that not only aligns individual and collective goals but also fosters a sense of shared purpose within the workplace. Great for remote or hybrid teams, here are activity examples to help guide this meaningful exercise:

  • Virtual Vision Board Session: Host a virtual vision board session using collaboration tools like Miro or MURAL. Team members can create digital vision boards and share their screens to discuss their intentions. This allows for remote participation while maintaining the visual and collaborative aspects of the activity.
  • Online Goal-Setting Workshops: Conduct virtual workshops on goal setting, led by a professional facilitator if possible. This can include interactive discussions, breakout sessions, and exercises that help team members articulate and share their aspirations for the year.
  • Team-Wide Goal Wall: Create a virtual “goal wall” using project management tools or shared documents. Team members can add their individual goals to the wall, fostering a sense of transparency and accountability. Plus, regular check-ins can be scheduled to discuss progress and offer support.
  • Remote Team Retreat: Plan a virtual team retreat with a focus on goal setting. This could include a series of online workshops, team-building activities, and collaborative sessions to set intentions for the year. Virtual team retreats can be spaced out over multiple days to avoid virtual fatigue.

Team building activites for remote teams

Learn a New Skill Together

Embark on a journey to learn a new skill together as a workplace team! This is not only an excellent team-building activity but also a dynamic way to kick off the new year with a sense of camaraderie and shared achievement.

January is the perfect time to set a positive tone for the months ahead. By engaging in collective skill-building, teams can strengthen bonds while learning along the way. Here are a few examples of skills that teams can learn together:

  • Language Learning Sessions: Learning a new language collectively can be both educational and fun. Platforms like Duolingo or Rosetta Stone offer team-friendly plans, allowing members to support each other in mastering a new language. This shared endeavor not only promotes cultural understanding but also fosters a collaborative learning environment.
  • Public Speaking Workshops: Strengthen communication skills and boost confidence by participating in improv or public speaking workshops. These activities can be particularly beneficial for teams that frequently engage with clients or present ideas. They create a supportive environment for team members to refine their communication abilities together.
  • Effective Communication and Collaboration Tools: Familiarize the team with advanced features of communication and collaboration tools. Whether it’s mastering project management platforms, optimizing virtual meeting tools, or exploring new features in collaborative software, enhancing digital literacy can significantly improve team efficiency.
  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills: Learning effective negotiation and conflict resolution techniques can significantly improve team dynamics. This skill set is particularly beneficial for teams involved in sales, client interactions, or any collaborative project where conflicts may arise.

Continue Your Philanthropy Initiatives

It’s essential to extend your philanthropy initiatives well beyond the holiday season. While many nonprofits receive a surge of support during festive times, they often encounter a substantial drop in assistance as the new year begins. However, the impact of your team’s commitment to social responsibility doesn’t have to be confined to specific calendar dates.

As the new year unfolds, it’s an opportune moment to defy the post-holiday support decline trend. Take proactive steps to sustain and even amplify your team’s dedication to the causes that matter most. Consider organizing a dedicated volunteer day, where team members can lend their time and skills to make a tangible difference.

This not only allows your team to directly contribute to the causes you champion but also fosters a sense of fulfillment and camaraderie among colleagues. Embrace the opportunity to turn compassion into action, ensuring that the causes your team champions receive consistent and meaningful support throughout the entire year.

January Team building Activity Honor Holocaust Rememberance Day

Honor International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Honoring International Holocaust Remembrance Day can serve as a powerful diversity, equity, and inclusion team-building activity for teams of any size. Together, foster a deeper understanding of history, promoting empathy, and emphasizing the importance of inclusivity.

On January 27, 2024, commemorate this significant day by engaging your team in a thought-provoking activity. For example, watch the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Virtual Remembrance Day Commemoration.

This virtual event includes survivor testimonies, reflections, and educational content that provides a solemn and meaningful experience. Attendees gain insights into the historical significance of the Holocaust and its enduring impact on individuals and communities.

Following the virtual commemoration, schedule a virtual meeting for your team to come together and share their thoughts, reflections, and takeaways from the event. Provide a safe and open space for team members to express their emotions. Then, use the discussion as an opportunity to emphasize the values of empathy and inclusivity within the team!

Discover more team building ideas and things to do in Atlanta: browse our top-rated walking tours of Atlanta and explore our blog for posts on unique Atlanta team building activities, corporate gift ideas, and more.