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Immerse your family in the city’s culture,  community, and cuisine.
We do the planning; your family connects

Small group and large group options available.

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Atlanta Culinary Experiences

Grant Park Food and History Tour Atlanta Team Building

Grant Park Food Tour + Cemetery Scavenger Hunt

In this 2.5 hour tour, your team will enjoy a scavenger hunt through Victorian Oakland Cemetery, one of Atlanta’s most beautiful locations while trying 8 incredible modern Southern cuisine from 3 restaurants.

Learn More About the Food & Cemetery Tour

Cabbagetown Food + Street Art Tour

In this 3 hour tour through Cabbagetown, your team will see stunning street art from top artists. And, your team will love getting the chance to make their own artwork. Plus, try delicious modern Southern cuisine from 3 restaurants.

Learn More about the Food & Street Art Tour
Mom and son hold up hands to show off flour with biscuits on table

Market Food Tour + Biscuit Class

In this 2-hour interactive food tour through the historic Municipal Market, you’ll taste a variety of cuisine from 4-5 different restaurants.  Plus, your family will have a blast in our hands-on mini class on classic Southern biscuits and market scavenger hunt.

Learn More About the Private Market & Biscuit Tour

Prohibition Food and Cocktail Tour

In this fun and interactive food experience, you’ll get a look at Atlanta’s unique Prohibition history and culture, with a variety of food and cocktail pairings at some of the city’s best restaurants including a Speakeasy and rotating skyline views!

Learn More About the Prohibition Progressive Dinner
Atlanta Group Halloween Events

Downtown Southern Food Tour

COMING SOON! In this 3 hour tour through Atlanta’s historic Downtown, you’ll taste classic Southern dishes from soul food to Creole cuisine, while learning the fascinating story of how Dr. King was a foodie.

Atlanta Neighborhood Tours

Martin Luther King Jr. Tour

Rated the #1 tour in Atlanta by Tripadvisor, this immersive tour will bring your team together as you discover the role of Atlanta in the Civil Rights movement. Popular with employee resource groups interested in DEI efforts and summer associate programs.

Learn More About MLK Jr. Tour

Street Art Tour

COMING SOON! The Street Art experience will immerse your team in Atlanta’s gorgeous street art with tips on getting the best Instagram pictures, plus the chance to make street art.

Learn More About the Cabbagetown Beltline + Street Art Tour

Family Martin Luther King Jr. Tour

Rated the #1 tour in Atlanta by Tripadvisor, this immersive tour will bring your family together as you discover the role of Atlanta in the Civil Rights movement. With a shorter tour with interactive games geared towards kids, this tour is made specifically for families to book a private experience.

Learn More About The Family MLK Jr. Tour

I wanted to thank your company for an amazing experience from my first zoom planning call culminating in two terrific tours for our groups! Unexpected Atlanta is well run and you can tell that their guides truly care about delivering an amazing experience. Thank you again for creating unforgettable memories for our groups.

Christine E., Travelers15 guests

Everything about it was 5 star. Our guides were knowledgeable and fun. And, they ensured the group enjoyed and learned about the Civil Rights Movement. Highly recommend!

Scott B., Porsche24 guests

Our participants came from countries across the globe but our guides' depth of knowledge and engaging styles helped everyone understand Atlanta's role in the Civil Rights Movement. Truly a 5 star experience.

Jamie S., Boston Consulting Group35 guests

A wonderful team building experience. Most of us have lived in Atlanta for many years and were surprised that we learned so much from our wonderful tour guide!

Melissa K., Habitat for Humanity13 guests

Our team really enjoyed the food and cemetery tour on a corporate team building activity!! The booking process was super easy and seamless. Our tour guide was super friendly and knowledgeable and all of the food tastings were delicious. Would definitely recommend!

Jacqueline F., Zillow Group13 guests

The King Historic District Tour is hands down the best activity to do in Atlanta. Arielle is a terrific guide who is obviously passionate about Atlanta history and our group had a wonderful time with her. Would definitively recommend to anyone!

Melissa, Federation of Alliance Françaises USA15 guests

Our Clients Include

Why Choose Unexpected Atlanta?

Every event includes:

  • A passionate and engaging host
  • Seamless logistics and booking experience
  • Radically creative sightseeing and activities
  • On food tours, plenty of food and cocktails picked from the city’s best restaurants
  • On food tours, no waiting for tables — you sit down and are served
  • With history tours, get off the beaten path
Frequently Asked Questions

Booking a Tour for Your Family Reunion

What do I need to do to book a private tour for my family reunion?

First, add your information in the form above.

Second, we’ll contact you to get more information about your event.

Third, we will send over a proposal with pricing.

Take your time to review it — our sales team is here to answer any questions you might have.

Are the tours best for small or large groups?

Our events are perfect for small teams and large groups

Often, we host groups of 10 people. But, we also have hosted up to 750 people.

Our family has members with limited mobility. Do you have an option for us?

Yes! For groups that need an option for accessability accommodations, we recommend the Historic Market Food Tour and Biscuit Class, which is totally indoors and has plenty of options for seating.

For groups that want to charter a bus, we can do the Martin Luther King Jr Tour (almost a 2 mile walk) as a bus tour.

Why is a tour a good choice for a family reunion?

Of course, you can do murder mystery dinners and scavenger hunts. And, you can certainly do dinner anywhere in the city.

But, you can’t do an Atlanta tour anywhere else. If your family wants a truly local experience to make memories, a tour is the best option.

Basically, your family will experience the city’s most interesting neighborhoods. During the tours, you will learn about the history behind the city and try incredible local food.

Most importantly, we create a true Atlanta experience for your family memories.

About the Tours

How long are the tours?

Generally, our standard experiences are roughly 2 to 3 hours long.

How close are the tours to other major attractions?

Unexpected Atlanta tours are close to many top Atlanta attractions. For instance, the following activities are within a short drive to our tours:

  • Georgia Aquarium, about 1 mile to Downtown Southern Food Walk
  • Skyline Park at Ponce City Market, about 1 mile from Grant Park Food Walk

How many people can you accommodate? My family reunion will have 300 people.

We offer several options for large groups. We can do groups of up to 20 per guide for our food tours, accommodating up to 40 per tour on a rotating restaurant basis, or we can do up to 300 on our history tours!

An option many groups like to do is to offer 3 or 4 tour choices and split up large family groups into what interests them.

Is a tour just a boring lecture?

NO! To the contrary, our tours are super engaging and will get your team energized. You will actively participate in our city and learn so much about it.

Are the tours a lot of walking?

All of the tours are a comfortable 1 to 2 mile walk with limited hills.  Usually, a person of average fitness can enjoy this team building experience. We can adjust to the pace of the group and this is not a power walk.

The Historic Market Food Tour and Biscuit Class is recommended for folks with very limited mobility, since it’s completely indoor and has plenty of opportunity for seated rests!

About the Food Tours

Can I add more cocktails to the food walks for my family?

Of course, we can add more cocktails.

Can I remove cocktails from the food tour?

Yes, we can customize your drink options.

What are the advantages of culinary tours for family reunions?

There are so many advantages to culinary tours for your family reunions:

First, people love to eat and taste!

Second, many families aren’t thrilled to cook together, often having someone ruling the kitchen at home. But, tasting foods together is fun and energizing.

Third, getting into the city and exploring places guests don’t know gets everyone involved.

In short, it’s building community with food!

Why should we pay for a food tour? After all, couldn't we just go to a restaurant?

On our Atlanta events, first, we have two to three seated locations. Second, your family will chat while walking between restaurants. Third, we build in questions to keep everyone connecting.

On the other hand, at a restaurant, your guests will only talk to one or two people. Often, at ordinary dinners, people feel like they didn’t get a chance to talk with each other.

That never happens on our food tours.

How do I know that the food will be good?

We work with some of the city’s best food suppliers who stand behind their food and drink. For example, Six Feet Under was featured on the Food Network. Additionally, all of our restaurants stand behind their food and many have been featured in national media.

In addition, we have multiple chefs and cookbook writers on our team.

We have a tight budget. Can you work with us?

Please e-mail us above. Often, we can work with families to achieve a tour within their price range. Usually, we will reduce the amount of food, if possible.

What type of food and drink is included?

Here is a sample menu (subject to change) on our Grant Park tour:

  • Six Feet Under: shrimp and grits; fried catfish and okra
  • Firepit: Steak pizza; pork belly toast; Pony Punch
  • Little Tart: whole wheat chocolate chip cookie; apple cheddar turnover

Vegetarians may receive:

  • Six Feet Under: asparagus and grits; fried okra; fresh corn salad
  • Firepit: fried brussels sprouts; parmesan bites
  • Little Tart: whole wheat chocolate chip cookie; apple cheddar turnover

Atlanta Family Reunion Ideas