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O n this fun and exciting private 3-hour Cabbagetown BeltLine Street Art and Food Tour, you’ll discover how Atlanta’s street art carries out the mission of the city’s historic changemakers while tasting mouth-watering local bites from 3 local restaurants.

Explore some of the city’s most famous murals, graffiti, and art installations with your team on a guided walking tour of Cabbagetown, Krog Street Tunnel, and the Atlanta Beltline.

A knowledgeable and entertaining tour guide will lead your team on a stroll to view stunning art, plus you’ll have a hearty progressive dinner from 3 local restaurants. Plus, your guide will help you get those perfect Instagrammable shots.

And, you’ll become art critics and artists yourself as you design your own street art! Not an artist? No problem! Our low-stress activity is for anyone and everyone. 

This unique food and history gets your team tasting, thinking, and creating

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Highlights include:
  • 9 tastings from 3 locally-owned restaurants, including 2 alcohol tastings.
  • A guided street art tour of the Cabbagetown neighborhood, Krog Street Tunnel, and the Atlanta Beltline Eastside Trail
  • Seeing famous murals created for the Forward Warrior Festival, including Civil Rights-themed murals
  • Hearing fascinating stories of prominent Atlanta street artists
  • Exploring how street can change the world
  • A donation to the Cabbagetown Neighborhood Improvement Association to help local art continue to thrive
  • A guide-led hands on street art design activity
  • Exclusive access to a resource page with information about Atlanta artists and street art history and culture
  • A knowledgeable and entertaining local guide
  • Photos emailed to you after the tour
  • Optional reception and tour of the Tiny Doors ATL Studio.
Food Tastings Include:
3 tacos on a light pink plate and small bowl of au jus on the left side

Elevated Latin-Inspired Cuisine


Pizza and Chinese

pineapple ice cream with whipped cream topping and purple flower

Local Tavern + Hidden Tiki Bar

Why Book a Private Unexpected Atlanta Tour?

We are Atlanta experts, passionate storytellers, and home-grown Atlanta natives. That’s not just marketing fluff: we have *literally* written the award-winning book on Atlanta’s culinary history.

There’s a reason we have more 5 star reviews than any other Atlanta walking or food tour: we love our city and can’t wait to share Atlanta with you.

Add On Options

gift box filled with treats

Local treats! Customizable to fit your budget.

Tiny brown door against a pink background installed on a concrete wall painted to look like trees. Orange bubble with white text reading "Reception and tour of Tiny Doors ATL Studio"

Private reception and tour of the Tiny Doors ATL studio with the creator herself, Karen Anderson Singer. Price depends on group size.

cocktail in a lowball glass with orange text bubble overlay

Add on extra food and drinks for your team while designing your street art. Starts at $15 per person.

Private Cabbagetown Street Art Food Tour Details

Weekdays. Timing is flexible to fit your groups needs!
Approximately 3 hours
$140 per person plus 18% service charge
What’s Included:
Guided tour of Cabbagetown; supplies to add your own art; 9 tastings from 3 restaurants including 2 alcoholic drinks; souvenir post card
Sales Deadline:
We recommend booking at least 3 weeks in advance. However, for last minute inquires, please call us at 470-223-2203
Tour Size:
This tour is best suited for 10-40 guests. Please inquire at 470-23-2203 for larger groups
What to Wear:
Comfortable weather-appropriate clothes and very comfortable shoes
What to Bring:
Some creativity and an umbrella on rainy days
Weather Conditions:
Tour takes place rain or shine
1.5 easy miles with plenty of stops
Meeting Point:
In the Cabbagetown neighborhood. Exact meeting location shared upong booking confirmation

Take Your Team On An Adventure!

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Private Cabbagetown BeltLine Street Art Food Tour

Walking Tour Details

Why should I take a walking tour?

A walking tour is an amazing, memorable, and fun way to explore your own city, or a new city! During an Unexpected Atlanta tour, you’ll be led by expert local guides to some of Atlanta’s best hidden gems and popular historic spots.

For instance, there’s more to a piece of art than meets the eye, and our team of local guides will be able to share insights about the neighborhood, like where the neighborhood cat likes to hang out, how a mural was repaired after a high speed car chase, and what famous musican has a Tiny Door ATL in their music video.

Our guides will help you make the most of your time exploring Atlanta. You will see more and learn more with our tours, created by historians.

Additionally, we promise you’ll experience much more on a walking tour than sitting on a bus or driving through the city!

Is graffiti legal? I'm worried about participating during the tour.

While it’s not legal at most places, it’s completely legal at the Krog Street Tunnel! You’ll learn all about why during the tour, and the art you’ll be making does not include any illegal activity!

Does the tour include food?

Yes, this tour does include food. While our public Cabbagetown BeltLine Street Art Tour does not, we created a Food Tour version just for corporate groups because there was so much demand for it.

I'm interested in the Civil Rights Movement. Is that on this tour?

Yes, but while we do explore how Atlanta’s Civil Rights legacy is tied to street art, it’s not the main focus of the tour. For a more in depth look at Atlanta’s role in the Civil Rights movement, please join us for the Martin Luther King Jr. History Tour. 

Are there breaks during the tour?

Yes, the tour is conducted at a leisurely pace. There are restrooms available for use at the 3 restaurants we stop at.

I live in Atlanta. Will I still see something new?

Yes, absolutely. Many Atlanta natives and locals tell us they learned so much on our tours, and love to see the murals they drive by everyday from a completely new perspective.

What's the menu?


Birdcage: Red Tinga taco; sweet potato bravas; jalepeno popper

JenChans: Mongolian Beef pizza; Vietnamese Pork pizza; lemon pepper maitake mushrooms; margarita slushi

McCray’s: “Duke’s Whip” dessert with boozy floater

How Do I Book?

Submit details about your event inquiry on the form here and we’ll respond within 10 minutes!

Neighborhood Details

What is "Cabbagetown"?

Cabbagetown is a landmark district; a small neighborhood on the east side of downtown.

This neighborhood has a rich history and culture. For tourists and locals alike, it’s worth exploring!

Why explore Cabbagetown?

Cabbagetown is one of Atlanta’s top artsy neighborhoods, with local art festivals happening yearly.

In addition to being the home of many beautiful murals, it also has a history of being the birthplace of other art mediums, which you’ll learn about on the tour!

Are there great Instagrammable spots?

Yes! So. Many. Spots.

We encourage respectful and accurate credit to the artists when posting on social media using their handles, which are almost always on the art you’re taking pictures of.

Does the tour start and end in the same place?

The tour begins and ends in Cabbagetown, but it does end a few blocks away from the start location.

Where should I park?

Because it is a heritage neighborhood, there are tiny streets and very little parking available. Instead, we recommend ride share or public transportation. However, if you must drive, there is most often parking available along Wiley Street.

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