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Things to Do in Atlanta

The Best Atlanta Street Art & Graffiti

By February 20, 2024April 22nd, 2024No Comments
The Best Atlanta Street Art & Graffiti

Welcome to the vibrant world of street art in the heart of the South – Atlanta, Georgia! As a city pulsating with culture, creativity, and a rich history, Atlanta’s streets have become a dynamic canvas for talented artists to leave their mark.

From the historic neighborhoods of the Old Fourth Ward to the bustling landscape of Midtown, each mural and graffiti piece tells a unique tale, contributing to the city’s ever-evolving artistic identity.

Join us as we unveil some of the best of Atlanta’s street art. Together, we’ll explore the colors, characters, and narratives that transform the city into an open-air gallery of creativity and expression. Let Unexpected Atlanta be your guide to all things Atlanta street art – and start your art viewing journey today!

Note: all GPS locations provided are approximations, and some locations are not accessible via car. We encourage you to always obey traffic laws and allow ample time to navigate, park, and explore Atlanta’s street art!

Top Atlanta Street Art to Explore

Read on for additional details on the top Atlanta street art to see, and more fun ideas:

  • Get excited for Atlanta’s newest street art tour by Unexpected Atlanta
  • View murals and masterpieces by local and international artists along the Atlanta Beltline trail
  • See vibrant street art that tells the stories of the Old Fourth Ward’s rich history and diverse community
  • Venture on a visual journey through the street art of Cabbagetown
  • Explore street art in the heart of Atlanta in the Downtown and Castleberry Hill neighborhoods
  • Walk the colorful streets of Midtown to see thought-provoking Atlanta street art

In this post, you’ll find:

  • Top Atlanta street art to explore around the city
  • The newest street art tour of Atlanta
  • Stunning art murals to see throughout a handful of Atlanta’s most popular neighborhoods
  • Ways to explore Atlanta’s street art and graffiti from local and international artists
  • Atlanta street art and graffiti to enjoy at any time of year

The Best Atlanta Street Art & Graffiti

Atlanta Street Art Tour

Atlanta’s Newest Street Art Adventure: The Unexpected Atlanta Cabbagetown BeltLine Street Art Tour!

The city of Atlanta is a canvas of creativity, and the Unexpected Atlanta Cabbagetown BeltLine Street Art Tour is revealing its hidden gems! Join us for this 2.5-hour guided tour that celebrates and shares Atlanta’s rich street art culture.

For instance, you’ll see some of the most iconic and breathtaking murals that have become an integral part of the city’s identity. Explore exciting Atlanta spots that are known for their vibrant public art – like Cabbagetown, Krog Street Tunnel, and the Atlanta Beltline. From larger-than-life murals to thought-provoking graffiti, this tour will introduce you to the dynamic world of urban art that defines Atlanta’s streets.

Along the way, you’ll hear fascinating stories of prominent Atlanta street artists and discover how street art can change the world! Moreover, this tour includes a hands-on street art design activity, exclusive access to a resource page to dig deeper into Atlanta’s street art, and one alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage to enjoy.

Join us to see why our tours have more 5-star reviews than any other Atlanta walking tour! Additionally, corporate groups can sign up for a private street art tour to foster team-building and connection.

Atlanta Street Art To Explore By Neighborhood

Street Art on the Atlanta Beltline

Atlanta’s vibrant street art scene comes to life along the Atlanta Beltline Eastside Trail. In fact, this repurposed railway corridor has been turned into a thriving art oasis. A walk along the Beltline promises an immersive experience, allowing you to connect with the city’s artistic spirit while enjoying the outdoors. Here are a few key pieces to find along the Beltline:

  • “Faces and Friends” by Kyle Brooks (BlackCatTips): This whimsical mural titled “Faces and Friends” captures the essence of the Beltline. It features a colorful cast of characters and creatures against a backdrop of pastels and blues. Find it on the Atlanta Beltline Eastside Trail, under Highland Avenue (on-foot GPS location here).
  • Mural by Janice Rago and Lela Brunet: This piece from Janice Rago and Lela Brunet features an array of color showcasing intertwined butterflies and flowers. The living beings blend together to create a larger-than-life nature scene bursting with colorful movement and life. Find it across the Beltline from popular restaurant Guac y Margys at this on-foot GPS location.
  • “The Gateway to Change” by Brandon Sadler (Rising Red Lotus): Brandon Sadler’s eye-catching mural “The Gateway to Change” showcases a scene with bright colors, botanical shapes, and comic-style speech bubbles. The piece is a kaleidoscope of colors, depicting the character Abhiya. You can see this complete underpass mural on North Ave, underneath the Beltline, at this location.
  • And more! A stroll down Atlanta’s Eastside Beltline Trail is a perfect opportunity to view a variety of street art and public art installations. Browse the interactive Art on the Atlanta Beltline map to discover your new favorites. From murals by equity-focused art organization Living Walls to pieces by acclaimed local artists like Hense (Alex Brewer) along with international artists, you’re sure to find art that speaks to you.

Old Fourth Ward & Inman Park Street Art

Journey to Freedom: Women of the Civil Rights Movement Inman Park

“Journey to Freedom: Women of the Civil Rights Movement” by Lynn Marshall Linnemeier. https://lynnlinn.net

The intown Atlanta neighborhoods of Old Fourth Ward and Inman Park are canvases for creativity. These neighborhood boast inspiring art sharing the area’s rich history and diverse community. Here, you can explore works from talented artists, including:

  • “Journey to Freedom: Women of the Civil Rights Movement” by Lynn Marshall Linnemeier: The “Journey to Freedom” mural celebrates women’s contributions to the Civil Rights movement. Made possible with funding from the National Park Service and National Endowment for the Arts, this meaningful piece is located along the Freedom Park Trail. Find the on-foot GPS location here.
  • Mural by Alex Glustrom: This powerful mural by Alex Glustrom zooms in on a face that has lived a lifetime. Also located along the Freedom Park Trail, it features incredible depth using shades of white and black. Find this mural on-foot here.
  • Mural by Greg Mike: This mural showcases the work of Greg Mike, featuring his unique characters like Larry Loudmouf. Known for his bold and energetic style, Mike captures the spirit of the neighborhood with vibrant colors and playful characters. Find this mural in a small shopping plaza in O4W, outside Sora Beauty Shop on Ponce de Leon Ave NE.
  • Mural by Tommy Bronx and Wolfdog: With phrases like “No Justice, No Peace” and “I Can’t Breathe,” this work by Tommy Bronx and Wolfdog symbolizes the heart of movements like Black Lives Matter in a neighborhood that has long been steeped in the fight for racial justice. In fact, it’s situated in the same neighborhood where Dr. King lived and worked. Learn more about Dr. King’s life on our MLK, Jr. Atlanta History Tour. Find this mural at the intersection of Irwin St. NE and Randolph St. NE.

Atlanta’s Street Art in Cabbagetown

Atlanta Street Art Cabbagetown

“Chatter Box” mural by Lela Brunet for Forward Warrior. http://www.lelabrunet.com/

Atlanta’s urban landscape transforms into a captivating gallery in the vibrant Cabbagetown neighborhood. Journey through the narrow streets and historic facades of this intown neighborhood to see plenty of street art, including:

  • Mural by Peter Ferrari: As a local artist, Peter Ferrari, has left an indelible mark on Cabbagetown. Over a decade ago, Ferrari founded the award-winning mural event “Forward Warrior.” Since then, Forward Warrior has installed over a half-mile of public art in Cabbagetown. His mural on the side of Little’s Food Store (find it here) features two blue hands alongside colorful shapes.
  • Memorial wall by Various Artists: This long-spanning mural features multiple artists’ signature styles, blending together to honor the lives of ones who have past. The artists’ work encourages viewers to engage, reflect, and cherish each memorialized face. Find this mural outside the street art-adorned Krog Street Tunnel near Wylie St. SE, at this GPS location.
  • Multiple pieces by Tiny Doors ATL: Tiny Doors ATL is renowned for its small-scale installations throughout the city of Atlanta. In Cabbagetown, you can find a handful of the tiny creations sprinkled throughout its streets. With doors at the end of Krog Street Tunnel and outside Milltown Arms Tavern, you’re in for a treat when you stumble upon these whimsical pieces! Find all Tiny Door locations here.
  • Various works by Yoyo Ferro: The influence of Yoyo Ferro extends into nearly every neighborhood of Atlanta, including Cabbagetown. Throughout the neighborhood, you’ll find a variety of works featuring Ferro’s colorful, thought-provoking figures. Browse Ferro’s pieces and their addresses here.

Downtown & Castleberry Hill Neighborhood Street Art

John Lewis Hero Mural Downtown Atlanta

John Lewis “HERO” Mural, part of The Loss Prevention’s “Heroes” series. https://thelossprevention.net/

In the heart of Atlanta, Downtown and Castleberry Hill merge to form a dynamic urban canvas. View the diverse and captivating pieces that grace the walls of these neighborhoods. Each piece tells a story that adds to Atlanta’s artistic spirit, including:

  • “John Lewis HERO Mural” by The Loss Prevention: This iconic Downtown mural celebrates the late Civil Rights leader and Congressional Representative John Lewis as part of The Loss Prevention’s “Heroes” series. Located on the iconic Auburn Avenue (once known as the wealthiest African-American street in the world), you can find this mural here.
  • Mural by Molly Rose Freeman, Sam Parker, Miya Bailey, and Will Mitchell: This striking piece by Freeman, Parker, Bailey, and Mitchell depicts a suited body holding its own skeleton head against a background of mountains. Find it near the intersection of Haynes St. SW and Walker St. SW.
  • Mural by Faatimah Stevens: This colorful mural by Faatimah Stevens features larger-than-life letters spelling out “Hey Brown Girl You’re Beautiful.” With color blocks and an outline of a woman, this art celebrates the beautiful and powerful Black and brown spirit of this neighborhood and Atlanta. Find it at the intersection of Trenholm St. SW and Peters St. SW.
  • Mural by Dax Rudnak (Dr. Dax): As a prominent figure in Atlanta’s street art scene, Dr. Dax created a mural sharing the message “Everybody Love Everybody.” This vibrant mural showcases Dr. Dax’s signature style of blending bold colors and abstract patterns. Find it here along Peters St. SW.

To add to your day of art exploring, browse more Downtown things to do in Atlanta!

Midtown’s Stunning Street Art

Piedmont Park Atlanta

Piedmont Park in Midtown Atlanta makes for a great picnic or rest spot after viewing the area’s street art!

Nestled at the intersection of culture, creativity, and commerce, Midtown Atlanta is host to an array of captivating street art. As a result, you can venture to this neighborhood to explore thought-provoking pieces that contribute to Atlanta’s artistic scene, including:

  • Mural by Future Ancestors (Carl Janes): Located just blocks from the High Museum of Art and Center for Puppetry Arts, this Future Ancestors mural adds a splash of color to Midtown Atlanta. With bright yellow hues and the phrase “let’s get funky,” this piece uses geometric lines and playful design to brighten the street. Find it on the back of the Center Stage concert venue, at this GPS location.
  • “Burst forth with a terrific noise” by Andrew Catanese: The nationally acclaimed artist Andrew Catanese brings forest life to the streets of Midtown. Located at the Midtown MARTA station off of 10th St. NE, this mural captures the spirit of a colorful forest, full of creatures and artistic elements for the eye to find.
  • “On the Strip” by Jasmine Nicole Williams: This piece by Jasmine Williams is characterized by a strong female subject surrounded by floral, striped, and abstract geometric patterns. Overall, the mural is a visually compelling and thought-provoking artwork that leaves a lasting impression. Find it near the 10th Street Park, at this location.

Discover More Street Art in Atlanta

Atlanta is a city filled with endless artistic talent. As a result, there are many noteworthy street artists not mentioned specifically in this post who have made an incredible mark on our city. From iconic pieces by artists like Joe King, Chris Veal, and Evereman to beloved creations from Catlanta, to artists like Aysha Pennerman who are using their medium to send a powerful message and spark conversations – there’s so much to explore!

To find more information about Atlanta’s street art locations and maps, visit Atlanta Street Art Maps here. Additionally, join us for our new Unexpected Atlanta Street Art tour. You’ll see the best of Atlanta’s street art with an engaging and knowledgeable guide!

Then, discover more things to do in Atlanta. For instance, you can browse other top-rated walking tours of the city with Unexpected Atlanta and explore our blog to find Atlanta date ideas, family outings, activity calendars, team building ideas, and more.