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Top Atlanta Cooking Classes

By March 18, 2024March 29th, 2024No Comments
Top Atlanta Cooking Classes

Whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or a seasoned home cook, this post is your guide to experiencing a diverse and fun array of Atlanta cooking classes!

Atlanta’s rich cultural diversity is reflected in its food scene, offering an exciting range of culinary classes. Here, you can explore cuisines from authentic Southern comfort food to distinctive international flavors.

In this guide, discover Atlanta cooking classes that encourage active participation, allowing you to roll up your sleeves, chop, sauté, and taste your way to culinary excellence. In addition, each class fosters a space to engage with fellow participants, bond over shared culinary experiences, and create memories that extend beyond the kitchen.

Read on to learn about the top nine Atlanta cooking classes. Great for individuals, couples, friends, families, and corporate groups, these Atlanta cooking classes will leave you with lifelong skills and delectable memories!

A few of our favorite Atlanta cooking classes:

Read on for more details on these cooking classes – and other Atlanta foodie experiences!

  • Explore Southern classics at Atlanta’s historic Municipal Market
  • Dive into food history and culture alongside cooking at the go-to fusion spot, Chinese Southern Belle
  • Discover Italian cuisine like never before with Bellina Alimentari’s captivating cooking lessons
  • Enjoy the flavors of your freshly-made family-style meal at The Cooking School at Irwin Street
  • Learn from the best at one of the “Top New Restaurants in the Country,” according to Esquire Magazine

In this post, you’ll find:

  • Atlanta cooking classes for every skill level
  • Unique culinary corporate team building activities
  • Atlanta cooking classes for couples, friends, and families
  • Guided tours and classes to explore global cuisines
  • Top Atlanta cooking classes to enjoy Southern flavors and fusions

Top Atlanta Cooking Classes to Explore

Atlanta team building biscuit class

1. Historic Market and Food Tour + Biscuit Class – One of Our Favorite Atlanta Cooking Classes!

Experience the tastes of the south on this 2-hour interactive food tour and class at Atlanta’s historic Municipal Market! This culinary adventure is designed for locals, visitors, families, and friends, and for corporate groups seeking team building through cuisine exploration.

Throughout the class, sample flavors from five different locally-owned restaurants in Atlanta’s historic market. Additionally, participate in a hands-on mini class on classic Southern biscuits. Here, your group will learn the secrets of crafting these perfect flaky treats!

This class is not just about the food; it’s about creating lasting memories. The tour provides an atmosphere for learning, laughter, conversation, and joy in discovering new flavors together. This is also a budget-friendly option and we love that it’s so time-efficient. In two hours, you can learn history, appreciate Atlanta’s culture, taste food at four amazing locally-owned restaurants, and enjoy learning how to make your own biscuits. Plus, you’ll be doing it all in Atlanta’s 100-year-old market space, the only public market in the city.
And, if you’re looking for something fun for your corporate attendees, this will definitely elevate your team building and create cherished memories with this remarkable culinary journey. Find this cooking class and more among Unexpected Atlanta’s teambuilding culinary experiences. 

Reach out below to schedule your group’s Historic Market and Food Tour + Biscuit Class experience!

2. Chinese Southern Belle

Take a try at creating some incredible fusion flavors with Chinese Southern Belle! Here, cooking classes share a delightful fusion of Asian, Deep South, and international recipes. With interactive and hands-on cooking sessions, expect to expand your culinary skills and creativity!

At this Atlanta cooking class, not only will you learn valuable cooking techniques, but you’ll also delve into the rich food history and culture behind each dish. Moreover, you can participate in health demos, cultural workshops, food tours, and an extensive collection of delectable recipes.

Join Chinese Southern Belle’s cooking classes for a unique cooking class experience that will ignite your passion for food. Plus, you can shop local by exploring their award-winning family-recipe cooking sauces – available at Whole Foods, Kroger, or online!

Homemade Pasta

3. Bellina Alimentari

Join other Atlantans ready to discover Italian cuisine like never before with Bellina Alimentari’s cooking lessons!

Every month, Bellina Alimentari’s Ponce City Market location offers a diverse range of cooking classes that cater to all skill levels. As part of their Culinary Club, you can join a vibrant community of food enthusiasts ready to learn through monthly classes, tastings, and workshops.

From immersive Pasta Making sessions to the Fermentation Celebration and Kids Kitchen Pasta, there’s an exciting class for all ages to enjoy. These top-notch cooking classes are a must-try in Atlanta!

Keep an eye out for new class releases, with new schedules posted about one month in advance. No matter which class you attend, you’re guaranteed to unleash your inner chef and be immersed in the world of Italian cuisine!

4. Vino Venue – Atlanta Cooking Class Perfect for Wine Lovers!

Located in Dunwoody, Vino Venue is a destination for all things good food and wine. Here, dive into engaging hands-on cooking experiences guided by professional chefs!

Vino Venue’s cooking and wine classes cover topics like food and wine pairings, regional dishes, and seasonal themed menu items. Plus, explore diverse themes such as Southern Comfort and Fusion Flavors.

Not only does Vino Venue offer exceptional cooking classes, but it is also home to the esteemed Atlanta Wine School. Since 2004, the school has been educating the curious about the art of wine, attracting an impressive 3,000 participants annually.

As a bonus, each of Vino Venue’s cooking class concludes with a delectable multi-course meal perfectly paired with exquisite wines. Discover more and plan your group’s outing to Vino Venue today!

Atlanta Cooking Class Ingredients

5. A&S Culinary Concepts

A&S Culinary Concepts, located in Johns Creek, is another great Atlanta cooking class option! This award-winning culinary studio is renowned for its cooking classes, team building events, Big Green Egg boot camps, and private events.

This culinary adventure is great for individuals, couples, families, friends night out, Atlanta corporate team building, and more! Every group type is sure to enjoy the studio’s laid-back, fun and energetic environment as you partake in hands-on cooking together.

For private classes, the A&S team can cater to groups of 12 individuals or more and classes for children, including birthday parties, for ages 9 and older. For corporate teams building events, choose from half-day or full day cooking experiences to challenge your team while bonding through cooking.

No matter how you join, you’re sure to learn new cooking skills and create memories that will last well beyond the class!

6. The Cooking School at Irwin Street

There is something for everyone to learn at The Cooking School at Irwin Street! Eager to share the love of food and joy of cooking, this cooking school is a great outing for individuals, couples, and groups alike.

Join the school’s classes covering topics such as Thai flavors, paella and sangria, Korean tacos, Cajun pastas, epic brunches, and so much more! Guided by trained chefs, every class focuses on making cooking fun, safe, and approachable.

In addition, The Cooking School offers farm-to-table classes at their urban farm, Sweet Selma Farms. At the farm, join a learning experience that includes picking fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables along with fresh eggs for the class!

No matter which class you pick, you’ll help to collectively prepare a family-style meal. Then, at the end of the class, all attendees sit down to enjoy the delicious meal together!

Atlanta Cooking Class at Home

7. The Food Tutor

Set apart from other Atlanta cooking class options, The Food Tutor offers in-home cooking classes. That’s right. You don’t go to class, the class comes to you!

As a result, you’ll receive one-on-one personal cooking lessons from a professional chef right in your own kitchen. Or, throw a party with friends, neighbors, or colleagues and host a group class. Together, learn skills from proper food preparation techniques to creating savory dishes and decadent desserts.

With The Food Tutor, simply pick a menu or culinary theme of your choice. Can’t decide? Let The Food Tutor team guide you in the direction of a delicious meal!

With this Atlanta cooking class option, wow friends, impress clients or dates, or even elevate your next anniversary. No matter the occasion, The Food Tutor team ensures an unforgettable experience!

8. Rathbun’s Cooking Classes – One of Atlanta’s Most Sought-After Cooking Classes!

Rathbun’s has been named one of the “Top New Restaurants in the Country” by Esquire Magazine. As a result, these cooking classes sell out fast!

Jump on the opportunity to learn from the long-time award-winning Chef Kevin Rathbun at his restaurant’s interactive cooking classes. Each year, classes cover six themes. Past topics have included grilling, BBQ, Italian Fare, Big Game Hunting, and more!

Each class includes a full three hours in the kitchen with Chef Kevin and his team to create a four course meal. Then, sit down with a guest of your choice to enjoy what you’ve made, along with cocktails and wine pairings. Plus, you’ll get a special send-off keepsake from the day as the class ends!

Atlanta Cooking Class with Friend

9. The Cook’s Warehouse

Have you ever watched in awe as a masterful chef chopped vegetables with precision and speed? Or, have you ever wondered how to make homemade pasta? If so, look no further!

The Cook’s Warehouse in Midtown Atlanta offers cooking classes on a variety of topics. For example, choose from topics like knife skills, Paris bistro favorites, croissants, pasta and gnocchi, and more. Here, choose from joining a public class, or arrange a private experience for your group.

Self-attested, The Cook’s Warehouse proudly provides Atlanta with “world class chef-led classes and culinary events that provide you with Every Excuse to Cook!”

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